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Get To Know Me Part 2 (inspired by Vogue)

Spoiler alert: I’m sassier here than in Part 1.

Favorite season?
I love fall for the nice break from the heat and once it gets really chilly it’s a great excuse to finally attach stockings to my garters. On a practical note, living in the desert means that I don’t have to rake any leaves unlike you people who actually have trees in your environment.
Where does one go on a perfect road trip?
You. Me. Convertible Porsche Boxster (probably in red). The Pacific Coast Highway for the best views California has to offer.
Can you do the splits?
I can do the side splits (ask me about one of my hobbies next time you see me) and I’ve been working on the center splits my entire adult life and have been unsuccessful so I’m pretty sure they’re not meant to be.
What’s your favorite exercise?
Upper body: pole dancing (I’m very excited to try Lyra soon!)
Core: laughing at the worst dad jokes possible (please give me your best ones bitte).
Lower body: hiking gives anyone the best ass possible.
Best way to decompress?
After a long day the best time I could possibly have is trying out a new recipe (cooking is super soothing for me) or having an Epsom salt bath to relax my muscles.
If you could go to any concert what would it be?
I’m dying to see Rage Against The Machine at the end of March and would totally break my very responsible weekday curfew of 10pm to weasel my way into the pit.
Favorite fashion trend of all time?
Not necessarily a fashion trend but I love men in suits. You guys look so reserved and bossy and I personally take it as a challenge. Good luck being reserved around me!
For myself, I love having delicate and lacy bra straps peek out of a very reasonable top (what’s the point of lingerie if you don’t tease a little bit?). Also the most powerful I’ve ever felt was while wearing a satin dress on a chilly night with no bra.
What’s your favorite dessert?
Tiramisu! I’ve had it about twice since becoming vegan because it’s sadly super hard to find as a vegan version. Eventually I’ll get around to tweaking a recipe and just making it myself!
Favorite color?
This is everchanging so in general I prefer jewel tones for fall and winter, and bright or pastels for spring and summer. Currently everything I’m buying is either lavender or lime so it’s safe to say I’m ready for spring fashion.
What’s your favorite curse word?
Fuck. It is the most versatile curse word and I will die on that hill. Having good sex? “Fuck” is appropriate. Stub your toe? Also “fuck!” Take a wrong turn because your GPS is wonky? “Fuck.” See me walk into the restaurant in a sleek black dress and stilettos? No one would blame you if you whispered “fuck” under your breath when we make eye contact. 


With love,
Mila Taylor

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