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Get To Know Me Part 1 (inspired by Vogue)

As I’ve said on Twitter, I’ve just settled in Phoenix as my new home base. While plunging myself into a new market (can you say Tool fans, golfers and, surprisingly, wine snobs?), I’m hankering to write, but I’m finding myself with a massive limit on time. Until I have the time to fully write some restaurant and event reviews for some of my newfound favorite spots in the Phoenix metro area (don’t worry, I haven’t only been to Old Town in Scottsdale!) please take these quick reflections as a compromise.

What is the skill still unmastered?
German! Regardless of learning German in high school from a very strict and specific German teacher, I’ve lost my fluency and to be quite honest, have at most, half-assed my way through Duolingo for a refresher. I’m great with grammar and conjugations, however, my basic vocabulary is lacking. File it under one of my goals for 2020.

Do you like surprises?
Only if they’re gifts or a surprise event/outing. Surprise parties wouldn’t work logistically because I’m scared of the dark.

What is the best thing that happened to you today? 
This is going to sound so silly, but I just realized that one of my hanging plants has grown long enough to brush my floor. Consider me a proud plant mother!

It’s brunch, what do you eat? 
Because breakfast is the superior meal, I will only brunch if I can obtain fluffy Belgian waffles or French toast (in their vegan form) in addition to at least one Bloody Mary. Veggies are the key to a balanced diet anyways and Bloody Marys are a great source! (Also I am determined to go on as many brunch dates as dinner dates in 2020.)

What’s the next book you plan on reading?
Once I finish Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener, I have my eyes on Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

Favorite drink?
Morning: biggest possible iced oat milk latte with lavender syrup
Afternoon: straight cold brew to beat the afternoon slump
Evening: glass of Cabernet 

What’s your favorite band? 
This should be a daily question because of how much it changes. For rock I’ve been listening to Deftones quite a lot. However, I just found Saint Punk and enjoy him a lot even though I’m not usually a fan of EDM.

Where will your next tattoo be?
I’m either getting my arm sleeve started or doing my lower abdomen, I’m not sure which yet.

What’s one cause that’s dear to your heart?
I’m a sucker for animal sanctuaries and plan on virtually fostering some rescued farm animals soon!

What’s your favorite thing to wear?
I think its more exciting to talk about my favorite things to not wear. They are as follows: pants, bras, shoes (at the beach of course).


With love,
Mila Taylor

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