Mila Taylor
Your spunky California dreamgirl!

Fly Me To You

I very rarely tour and as such, I understand if you can’t wait for me to reach your city! My travel packages are available on a very limited basis. Get me all to yourself by flying me into your beloved home town or directly to your vacation spot. Listed below are my appointment minimums for each region, not including travel expenses required.

West Coast 

4 hours- $1400


6 hours- $2200

East Coast

6 hours- $2200

Fill out my form on my Reservations page in order to discuss a quote and deposit for any date over six hours, such as overnights and weekend trips.

All prices quoted are in addition to travel expenses paid for by yourself. I prefer to fly first class for maximum comfort and leg room, which can be paid for by airline gift card or cryptocurrency. I require a 50% deposit paid for by cryptocurrency for all fly me to you bookings. Additional payments options are available to my established gentlemen. I may reserve the right for an additional deposit of $100-$200 in order to cover any minor travel expenses that I may incur on my way to see you such as ground transportation.