Mila Taylor
Your spunky California dreamgirl!


The Stats

Home base: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: mid 20s

Body type: slender/athletic

Height: 5’7”

Hair: dirty blonde, just past my shoulders

Eyes: brown

Moderately tattooed with only ear lobe piercings

Hello there!

I’m the spunky and loveable California blonde who always knows how to have a good time. I’m the kind of girl who loves to hike through canyons, fly off into the sunset on a spontaneous trip, or try new foods for a delectable adventure. You can peruse through my  Daydreams to view my dream dates or to see if we have some old favorites in common. I value staying active to keep my slender self toned and flexible. I’ll always look lovely and sophisticated on your arm, as long as you can keep up! Check out how amazing The View is. You can thank Red Rocks for this ass.

Currently I’m honing my craft in a few different hobbies- from kickboxing, to cooking, to lingerie collecting (which is the most taxing obviously, my wishlist is located in Appreciation). All of these things and more keep me busy and out of trouble- mostly. What aphrodisiac adventures are in store for you and me? Arrange a date with your California dreamgirl through my Reservations page.

Keep up with my adventures on Twitter below! Follow my Twitter for instant updates and the tour announcements.